Development of steel wire rope in China market!

In recent years, the middle market of wire rope in supply exceeding demand, domestic demand for steel wire rope is at a higher rate each year, but the wire rope manufacturer's production has increased at a higher rate. In this glut by fierce competition, leading to wire rope in China market will always be in a buyer's market. According to the industry structure analysis, wire rope industries has a large number of companies, concentration of low barrier to entry and exit, the product quality gap is smaller enterprises is in full flow, the competitive structure of the industry as a whole is diffuse competition.

While the annual export volume increasing wire rope products in China, but there are some products, such as forged steel wire ropes, giant shovels with rope, extra large shaft friction lifting wire rope, large open pit mines, offshore oil drilling, port load and unload, the crane ship, piling steel wire ropes for ships, still need a lot of imports. At present, China's wire rope a large import-export prices, reflects China's steel wire rope from the side real quality there is a gap with foreign similar products, product price/performance has to be improved.

Recently some well-known enterprises in China began to increase manpower and material resources in the areas of product development and technology investment, competitive advantage of Chinese steel wire products in domestic and overseas markets improved, convinced that the future development of market of wire rope in China will get better and better.