Elevator configuration standards

Elevator configuration standards, each elevator is equipped with 5 more wire rope, mainly used to carry the weight of the elevator itself and contained personnel, objects, as well as control of elevator operation speed. Due to the current General elevator service life of 10 years or more, Elevator wire rope life 6 years ~7 years, so an elevator at run time, to replace the wire rope at least once. According to the number of country elevators and elevator number of annual new projections, maintenance of elevators in the annual replacement and new distribution cumulative demand for 25,000 tons of wire rope ~2.7 million tons. Since 2001 a large installation of elevators in China, taking into account the new elevator wire rope required, coupled with the current progress of urbanization and the popularization of high-rise building at home and abroad, Elevator wire rope will be faced with a very wide market future.