Elevator development in recent years

Elevator sales since 2001 into explosive growth phase from 2000 37,500 530,000 units of rapid growth by 2012, an average annual increase of up to 24.7%. 2012 in real estate under the regulation, elevator industry growth rate is still as high as 18%, the future growth of the market is considerable. 2007, 2012 elevator ownership were 1.02 million, 2.5 million, compared with the global elevator population of 10.85 million and 8.7 million units respectively, China lifts global proportion of ownership had risen to 23%. In addition, the per capita number of 2012 China lift per-capita population of 18.7 units/million people, surpassing the world average of 16/people, but compared with Europe and other developed countries with high rates of urbanization, only Japan's 1/3, Germany 1/4, so that the number of elevators in China still large room for improvement.

Elevator wire rope manufacturing industry in China with the development of the elevator manufacturing and development. As early as 2003, wire rope for elevator production in China was more than 10,000 tons, mainly rely on imports. In recent years, the high speed and ultra high speed elevator wire rope imports declining, domestic elevator wire rope in yield and quality made considerable progress, particularly in the higher grades of steel wire rope for elevator research and production has made some progress. Main manufacturers of wire rope in addition to standard production, have generally adopted international advanced enterprises and international standards organizations. Outside of export, some manufacturers in addition to Otis and other elevator companies supporting the production of the machine.