Falling 3 meters long wire rope of tower crane "range" drop in residential areas

A about 3 metres of wire rope from the site suddenly dropped on the tower crane jib, break branches, narrowly missing residents, nearby residents frightened about this. Yesterday, construction officials said, caused by deflection when the accident Department workers to operate tower cranes, has stepped up security measures.

20th at 17 o'clock, "pop" sound, Yao Jia Ling hongling road, Wuchang district 5th residents downstairs restaurant owner Mr Liu was startled. It turns out that a long piece of rope about 3 meters away on a tree in front of the restaurant, and then fell to the ground. Liu looked up and saw beside the construction site crane boom will be on his head. "I was at the door under the shed, when I heard a loud bang, see this rope hit the tree, branches break. Fortunately, no damage to the person, or the consequences will seriously. Now think about fear. ”

That afternoon, reporters saw the incident, fall from the rope has been taken away, square break branches on the rope can still be seen. Above your head fall off the rope, visually at least 30 stories high to the "accident" cranes. Mr LAU's restaurant in hongling community, 5th floor, first floor and walls separated by only a few meters wide at the construction site of the incident, is meeting the great wall construction site within the walls.

After the incident, security officials came to view the site live, and to Mr LAU for loss of 4000 Yuan. But this does not reassure people worried. Many residents and businesses polled said, crane operations frequently crossed over the construction site, from the residents ' heads spinning, looks to terrify anyone. Reporters observed near the site also hosts a number of cranes, and "accident" the crane away from the building's very close Visual distance of more than 40 meters, plus a longer boom length, top jobs boom across the 5th residential building.

Yesterday, built three great wall sink projects gross named head of the Department responsible for Security said accidents caused by worker error, stop falling out when the wire rope is operating deflection of tower crane. When reporters when tower crane jib is beyond the scope of construction, this official said, the construction within the crane usually on site, very few directions to residential building. After the accident, has stepped up security measures.

When a reporter asked whether the working radius of the crane were reasonable, the head of the surname does not answer directly, saying only that LAU has been compensation for the boss. Insiders say crane safety procedures have clearly provided for in: tower crane operations, environment, driving around the work site must be roads, overhead power lines, buildings and a comprehensive understanding of the situation.