High class elevator wire rope remains dependent on imported!

Elevator wire rope materials used for high quality carbon structural steels, normal levels commonly used steel and number 42A, 47A, 62A, 67A, 40th, 45th, 55th, 60th, 65th, 1960MPa you need to use 72A or 77A to production. In actual production in the, Elevator wire rope is to rope unit around rope core is spiral-like twist business and into, main has elevator drag reference wire rope, and hydraulic elevator with wire rope, and elevator balance (compensation) with wire rope, and elevator limited speed used wire rope,; Elevator wire rope winch with of model has 8xS (19), 8xW (19), 8xFi (25), adjustable speed with of model has 6x24,6xS (19), 6xFi (25),, balance with of has 6x37,8xFi (25),. In addition to the conventional model, related manufacturing also developed suitable for ultra high speed and large capacity elevator with large diameter steel wire rope and applies to system miniaturization of small diameter wire rope series.

Insiders pointed out that domestic high-end steel wire rope for elevator quantities and quality can not meet the needs of the elevator manufacturing, some high speed and ultra high speed elevator wire rope must still import. Elevator wire rope technical content in the General level on the whole system of wire rope products for slightly. Wire rope for elevator market in China at present, the General level of wire rope for elevator market as supply exceeds demand, but high speed and ultra high speed elevator wire rope with insufficient real output only 1000 tons ~1500 tons.