Residential elevator wire rope needs than large!

With the acceleration of the urbanization process in the future, China's elevator market is huge. Data show that if you do not consider the housing demand for elevators, ladders and raw materials demand, houses about 62% about, other office buildings, airports, rail transportation, hotels, shopping malls and other public buildings, combined with the existing structure of the vertical ladders and ladder about 9:1, residential elevator market is potentially very large, 60% per cent of total demand for elevators.

Although under the influence of macro-control of real estate, but real estate development is still on the rise, and especially the building of residential investment remains heavy. January 2013 to September, national real estate investment 6.112 trillion yuan, compared with nominal growth 19.7% (19.7% deducting price factors in real terms), the growth rate from January to August increased by 0.4%. Residential investment 4.1979 trillion yuan, an increase of 19.5%, 0.3% growth, share of the investment in real estate development for 68.7%.

In addition, data show that 2013 ~2020 year, compound annual growth rate for the total demand for urban residential 5%~7%, therefore, the elevator remains a steady growth of demand in residential areas of space.