Taisite wire rope system won the technology progress second class

Luoyang taisite inspection technologies limited (referred to as TST) TST testing of wire rope (engineering) V3.0 awarded 2014, Luoyang City's scientific and technological progress second prize. In the city's hundreds of scientific and technological progress of enterprise reporting projects, TST (engineering)-system stand out, once again proves that our technology in the industry, it's leading position in the world.

TST testing of wire rope (engineering) V3.0, the first "wire-wound inductor magnetic flux sensor feedback compensation" patented technology, through the "three-dimensional magnetic bridge device" patented technology, full change wire rope flaw detection equipment and practical qualities, cumbersome and heavy for simple and convenient; noisy false confidence of quality;

TST test front-end device for wire rope light and miniaturization techniques, using the "magnetic method" and "self balancing synchronous excitation method", which revolutionized the traditional wire rope excitation processes, to meet the unit's light and compact;

TST round-the-clock unmanned non-destructive wire rope online automatic continuous monitoring necessary for a wide range of technologies, adopted the new "wire-wound inductor magnetic flux sensor feedback compensation", achieved higher sensitivity is not only suitable for detection of weak magnetic signals, but also greatly improve the flux effect and detection ability wide margin.