Wire rope for elevator market prospects!

Reform yilai, especially recently 10 years, with China economic continued fast development, around a large number of senior residential and the buildings up, Elevator demand increasingly increases, for elevator manufacturing development injected powerful power, so far China has became global maximum of elevator manufacturing country and world maximum elevator market, which pull has elevator with wire rope needs, industry people forecast future domestic elevator with wire rope market prospects broad, is metal wire products market of a shines.

According to the China Elevator Association statistics show that lifts up to 2 million, and an annual growth rate of 20%. The past ten years, benefit from urbanization and the real estate boom, domestic elevator sales since 2001 into explosive growth phase from 2000 37,500 530,000 units of rapid growth by 2012, an average annual increase of up to 24.7%, 2012 in real estate under the regulation, elevator industry growth rate is still as high as 18%, the boom of the industry as a whole is expected to continue to increase in the future. 2007-2012 elevator sales were 216,000 and 530,000 units. It is speculated that the global elevator sold 453,000 and 850,000, respectively over the same period, domestic lifts global proportion of production has increased from 48% in 2007 to 62% in 2012; within five years, total global domestic elevator ownership increased from 10% to 23% above, China has become the first truly global elevator sales power and number of elevators for the first nation.