Wire rope inspection pass rate 90% and electric tools!

Nantong city, Jiangsu Province, China Bureau of quality and technical supervision announced provincial inspection results display, product sampling and 93.6% for wire rope, electric tool checks and 94.4% for, national supervision and spot check passing rate improved compared to last year.

Nantong city as one of the wires and power tools industries, with a certain number of enterprises and production scale. Among them, the wire rope output accounts for the country's nearly 70%, current evidence nearly 130 enterprises, mostly small and medium enterprises. Enterprise quality management level, the quality of personnel and low capacity, high product quality and capability by developing new varieties and constraints and to a certain extent affect product visibility and competitiveness in the industry. Power tool manufacturers with more than more than 100, only 195 mandatory certification of more than 20 enterprises in the period of validity of the certificate (the rest of the revocation, cancellation or suspension). These forensics products compared with well-known foreign brands, there is a large gap, product quality stability, competitiveness clearly inadequate.

For upgrade Nantong wire rope and electric tool products of general quality level, promote plate industry health fast development, this year yilai, Nantong quality prison Council increased has on two big plate industry of guide support efforts, times held topic Conference, urged Enterprise improve and attention subject responsibility consciousness, and products quality consciousness and the legal regulations consciousness, invited quality technology experts for advisory counselling, help enterprise seriously find analysis reasons, and implementation rectification measures, and track review products, full play public service platform role, Use wire rope inspection center, provincial Center for electric tool automatic testing product process control, quality inspection and other technical support docking. Meanwhile, Nantong city quality supervision Bureau also increase the intensity of supervision was not qualified to deal with, so far, have investigated and dealt with wire rope products supervision and inspection unqualified administrative punishment cases 4.