Constructed Of Wire Rope!

Wire rope is usually root or multiple thin steel wire braided flexible cord ' is composed of multiple layers of wire rope steel wire twisted into ' core-centric ' by a number of spirally twisted around the rope. Material handling machinery ' for lifting, pulling, tensioning and load use. Wire rope with high strength, light weight, smooth, easy to suddenly break ' reliability.

Wire rope constructed from two parts:

Steel wire

To load the wire rope ' performance is mainly determined by the wire. Steel is carbon steel or alloy steel by cold-drawn or cold-rolled into a round (or shaped) wire ' has a very high strength and toughness ' and according to different environmental conditions on steel surface treatment.


It is used to increase the wire rope elasticity and strength, reduce friction, lubrication steel wire ' service life. Common core organic fibers (hemp, cotton), synthetic fibre, asbestos-core (high temperature) or soft metals and other materials.