Factors Influencing The Service Life Of Wire Rope!

Production factors

Wire rope is a product made by a variety of steel wire, wire and twisting process quality determines the quality of steel wire ropes. Wire usually consists of hot rolled stainless steel ingots into thin round, diameter made by after a number of cold-drawn steel wire. Steel wire and twisting technology cannot guarantee the quality, reduce the service life of steel wire rope. Therefore, you must first be in the production process of steel wire rope steel wire and twisting process quality, can basically ensure the quality of steel wire rope, extend the life of steel wire rope. But in wire rope of sale process in the, for new arrival of wire rope except for corresponding of performance aspects of detection, also to for necessary of appearance quality and twist business quality check, for appeared riding, jumped silk, kink, MA core exposed, unit loose, surface quality defects or twist business quality defects of wire rope, user right to according to defects degree proposed return, because these defects will greatly effect wire rope of using cycle and using of security performance. In practical work, rope-broken accident frequently raised by the product quality.

the use of

Damage caused in use are the main factors reducing the life of steel wire rope. Which is one of the main wire rope damage mechanical damage, mainly for wear, broken wire, overload, corrosion and so on.