High Strength Application Of Stainless Steel Wire

    Spring stainless steel wire is mainly used in austenitic and precipitation hardening type 2, austenite to 302,304,316, such as the representative, precipitation hardening type to 631j1 brand. In each standard, the chemical composition of the same steel number is basically the same, and the permissible deviation of smelting composition is basically the same. But ASTM A 313-2003 new standard increases the brand XM28, 241,204, the new grade uses MN instead of NI.Stainless Steel Wire

    Spring production of stainless steel wire also has strict requirements. In addition to the characteristics of corrosion-resistant, stainless steel wire now requires a higher tensile strength, and fatigue life should be compared with the United States. The precipitation-hardened stainless spring wire has a wider prospect. With the development of drawing auxiliary materials, it is gradually realized.Stainless Steel Wire

     Surface treatment of steel wire all kinds of coating wire: In general, the spring after the formation of the layer again, will affect the performance of the spring and the use of first galvanized steel wire can be reduced to a certain extent this situation. Existing plating types: galvanized, nickel, tin, copper plating, or mixed plating. Other spring steel wire, martensite aging treatment steel wire, in the engine valve spring, the engine rotor in the high stress more than 10,000 times/time, it requires the material has a high heat resistance. However, when the oil quenched steel wire does not reach such a requirement, the martensitic aging treatment steel wire can be used. It is very effective to improve the characteristic of valve spring by low temperature nitriding treatment.Stainless Steel Wire

     In the high strength use, the Early Qin steel wire is more common, but the corrosion resistance is very poor. Chromate treatment is needed for rust prevention. In the past, the galvanized steel coating was endowed with an anti corrosion effect, but in order to prevent the discoloration in the atmosphere, it must be treated with chromate. Chromate treatment is the chemical treatment of coating, covering the film contains 6 valence chromium. There is a problem in terms of environmental protection. Stainless Steel Wire

     High strength stainless steel wire can solve this problem well. High tensile spring line in the cold processing, through the control of the dense strain martensite structure, can maintain good toughness, and can be compared with the piano steel wire for high-strength spring stainless steel wire. Because belong to the Austrian system, so have good corrosion resistance, is very environmentally friendly materials.Stainless Steel Wire