Hoisting Large Workpieces Essentials!

For lifting large workpieces or Assembly in place, due to the large tonnage of the workpiece, complex shapes, high value, combined with factors such as more people, further improves task difficulty and danger, therefore, Sling large workpiece, grasp and grasp the following points:

Observe the shape of the workpiece before 

1,job situation, grasp the gravity of artifacts and drawings to confirm the weight of the workpiece.

2,choose the correct rope, shackle, hook and Sling. When selecting wire rope, single rope bearing tension, you can press s (n) =100 • D2 formula calculation. Where: d is the wire rope diameter, mm.

3,designed specially for the lifting of the workpiece itself rings or lugs, carefully before operation checks on all the rings and the Caucasus.

4,the workpiece itself has no rings, should choose the correct cable position. And crane hooks on the base material of Center of gravity location.

5,pay attention to the angle between the rope should generally be less than 90 degrees.

6,the workpiece edges along the ropes, must corner protection.

7,before lifting a load test process, after confirming the sound then continue to the next job.