Introduction Of The Physical Properties Of Stainless Steel Wire

     Stainless steel wire drawing (stainless steel wire drawing) The Wire rod or billet is pulled from the die hole of the drawing die to produce the metal plastic process of the small section wire or non-ferrous metal wire under the action of pulling force. Metal and alloy of different cross-section shape and size of wire can be drawn by drawing production. Pull-out wire, precise size, smooth surface, and the use of drawing equipment and die simple, easy to manufacture.Stainless Steel Wire
     The stress state of the wire drawing is the three-direction stress state of the tensile stress of two compressive stress, and it is easier to reach the plastic deformation state than the three-direction stress state. The deformation state of the drawing is the three-direction deformation state of the tensile deformation of the two-direction compression deformation, which is disadvantageous to the plasticity of metallic materials, and it is easy to produce and expose surface defects. In the process of wire drawing, the secondary deformation is limited by its safety factor, and the number of secondary deformation is smaller, so many times continuous high-speed drawing is used in the production of wire.Stainless Steel Wire
     Manual welding is a very common welding method is easy to use. The arc length is adjusted by the person's hand, depending on the size of the workpiece and the weld gap between the same time, as the carrier of the arc, welding is also welded to fill the material when used. This welding method is very simple and can be used to weld almost all the materials used outdoors, it has good adaptability, even in the use of water is no problem. Most welders can. TIG welding electrode, arc length depends on the person's hand.Stainless Steel Wire
    When you change the slit electrode and the workpiece, the arc length uses the DC current, the arc electrode, both as the carrier of the change, in most cases, welding. and welding filler. Electrodes for coating compositions of alloy or non-alloy metal cored wire and this layer of coating to protect the weld from the air, while stabilizing the arc it can also cause the slag layer welding formation of the seam to form. Welding electrodes can be titanium, but also sealed properties, depending on the thickness and composition of the coating. The titanium electrode is easy to weld, and the weld surface is easy to remove, If the electrodes are stored for a long time, they must be baked again, as the moisture in the air accumulates quickly on the electrodes.Stainless Steel Wire