Introduction To The Use Of Stainless Steel Wire

Stainless steel wire rope is made of multi-root or multi-strand stainless steel wire twisted into a flexible rope, in the material handling machinery, for lifting, pulling, tensioning and carrying the use. Stainless steel wire rope of high strength, light weight, work smoothly, not easy to break the whole root, reliable work.Stainless Steel Wire

Stainless steel wire rope is used: It is strictly prohibited to use directly at high speed and heavy load. New stainless steel wire rope should not be immediately in the high-speed, heavy load directly under the use of low-speed, medium load conditions for a period of time, so that the new rope to adapt to the use of state, and then gradually increase the speed of wire rope and increase the load. It is forbidden to quit. When using stainless steel wire rope pulleys, care must be taken to prevent the rope from jumping out of the groove. If the rope out of the wheel after the trough is still in use, the wire rope will produce kink, broken wire, broken shares, etc., prone to accidents.Stainless Steel Wire No extrusion deformation. Stainless steel wire rope in the use can not be strongly squeezed, so as not to damage the wire rope, resulting in structural damage and early broken wire, broken or even broken rope, significantly reduce the rope life. The use of stainless steel wire rope overload will increase the degree of deformation, the internal steel wire between the outer wire and the matching wheel groove between the degree of wear and tear, shorten the life of the pulley.Stainless Steel Wire 

It is strictly forbidden. Repeated impact will seriously shorten the service life of wire rope, the impact load overload is a direct lead to wire rope broken. In use should be done without water. Use stainless steel wire rope as much as possible in a dry environment. In the easy rust conditions should be used galvanized stainless steel wire rope.Stainless Steel Wire