Manufacture Difference Of Stainless Steel Wire

Stainless steel spring wire is usually a hard state, for the larger diameter difference of the cold drawing processing. Stainless steel bright wire is usually in the hard state, for normal cold drawing, cold-drawn. Stainless steel light wire drawing is usually in the soft state, for the small diameter difference of the cold drawing processing. The stainless steel hydrogen withdrawal wire is usually soft, for the extraction of hydrogen pipeline annealing furnace after annealing products, surface once roof-like.Stainless Steel Wire

There is no difference between handmade and machine-made stainless steel wire. In the appearance, the machine makes the stainless steel silk to be more beautiful than the hand, but the machine makes the finished product to be more substantial; In addition, the manpower welding also needs to expend the manpower and the material resources, also has the security hidden trouble, this contrast, the machine manufactures superiority is self-evident. The selection of stainless steel wire is mostly small, this is mainly to see the actual needs of customers, but if blindly think that the small good is not scientific, specific problems to be analyzed.Stainless Steel Wire

When the rope end or the vicinity of the broken wire, even if the number of small also indicates that the site stress is very high, if the rope length permit, should be cut off the location of the wire, large area broken wire, should do scrap treatment. If the broken wire close together to form a local aggregation, then the stainless steel wire rope should be scrapped. Stainless steel wire Rope part is compressed due to mechanical accidents. When serious, the stainless steel wire rope should be scrapped. The local reduction of the diameter of stainless steel wire rope is often related to the breakage of the core. The stainless steel wire rope which is severely reduced locally in rope diameter shall be scrapped.Stainless Steel Wire The diameter of stainless steel wire rope may be increased locally and can reach a long stainless steel wire rope. The increase of rope diameter is usually related to the distortion of cord core, and the result is that the outer rope strands are unbalanced and the positioning is incorrect.Stainless Steel Wire 

The stainless steel wire rope with a severe increase in the diameter of the rope should be scrapped. Insufficient lubrication, improper lubrication, and the presence of dust and grit can aggravate wear. The wear makes the broken area of the stainless steel wire rope decrease and the strength decreases. When the outer steel wire wear reaches its diameter of 40%, stainless steel wire rope should be scrapped.Stainless Steel Wire