Method Of Using Stainless Steel Wire Rope

    Stainless steel Wire Rope is a flexible rope twisted by multiple or many strands of stainless steel wire, in the material handling machinery, for lifting, traction, tension and bearing. Stainless steel wire rope of high strength, light weight, smooth work, not easy to suddenly break the whole root, reliable work.Stainless Steel Wire Rope

    Stainless Steel Wire Rope Use method is: Strictly prohibit directly at high speed, heavy load use. New stainless steel wire rope do not immediately under the high-speed, heavy load directly under the conditions, but in the low-speed, medium load for a period of time, so that the new rope to adapt to the use of State, and then gradually improve the wire rope speed and increase the lifting load. No job-hopping. Stainless steel wire rope pulley in conjunction with the use, must be careful to prevent wire rope wheel groove out. If the wire rope has fallen out of the wheel groove and continues to use, the wire rope will produce kink, broken wire, broken stock and so on, prone to accidents. It is forbidden to squeeze deformation.Stainless Steel Wire Rope

    Stainless steel wire Rope in use can not be strongly squeezed, so as to avoid deformation of wire rope, resulting in structural damage caused by early broken wire, broken strands and even broken rope, significantly reducing the life of wire rope service. Stainless Steel Wire Rope

    It is forbidden to rub with other objects at high speed. At high speed, the instantaneous friction heat produced by the wire rope interacting with these objects can lead to martensite microstructure in the surface of steel wire, which is the main cause of early fracture of steel wire. No scattered winding. The stainless steel wire rope Winding on the reel, should arrange as neatly as possible. If the scattered winding, the wire rope at work due to mutual extrusion will also lead to the destruction of wire rope structure, resulting in early breaking wire, directly affect the service life of wire rope.Stainless Steel Wire Rope

    It is strictly forbidden to use overload. The overload use of rusty steel wire rope will aggravate the degree of extrusion deformation, the abrasion between the internal steel wire and the external steel wire and the matching pulley, and shorten the service life of the pulley. Severe shocks are strictly prohibited. Multiple shocks will shorten the service life of steel wire rope, and the impact load overload can lead to the rupture of wire rope directly. Do not touch water in use. Use stainless steel wire ropes as much as possible in a dry environment. Galvanized stainless steel Wire rope should be used in easy rusting condition.Stainless Steel Wire Rope