Processing Method Of Stainless Steel Wire

     Spring surface quality (such as color, whether scratches, etc.), dimensional accuracy and load fluctuation, according to the priority of the problem, "improve the stability of spring roll spring forming process" as a preferred problem, but for the spring fatigue performance and other problems also give full attention and consciously add some inspection items in order to collect more data, Prepare for the next continuous improvement.Stainless Steel Wire

     The spring of the use of stainless steel wire strength dispersion control within 50MPa, the single turn of the wire freely on the ground, neither expand the circle nor shrink, both ends flat affixed to the ground without any warping. The surface state of the steel wire has two kinds of oil surface and powder surface. It is shown that the stability of spring forming process can be improved as long as the rod strength uniformity, flatness and surface quality of the steel wire are increased by 3 qualities characteristic indexes.Stainless Steel Wire

    The surface of the steel wire can be divided into two categories: the surface quality of conventional inspection such as dimensional tolerance, roundness and cracks, scratches and other defects. Domestic and foreign standards are basically consistent with such provisions, just YB (T) 11-83 The tolerance is too large; the quality of the lubricating layer of the steel wire surface, that is, the wire is drawn in the powder or oil, can be coated and smooth surface, and the two surfaces can also be coated with very thin nickel or copper bottom.Stainless Steel Wire

    The inner layer of the steel wire is a nickel or copper coating with a powder or oil layer, with a thickness of about 0.1~0.2μm. The bottom of the lining nickel or copper can improve the fatigue strength and lubrication ability. The lubricating layer of the coated surface (powder surface) is composed of calcium salt and sodium salt, which is sensitive to damp and therefore must be damp-proof in storage and transportation.Stainless Steel Wire

    The lubrication layer can be retained on the forming spring and can also be cleaned and removed. The lubricating layer of the smooth surface (oil surface) is a very thin oil film. In contrast, the oil surface steel wire forming spring tempering after the surface bright, but the winding is very complex spring must be applied to the lubricant, and the coil spring has a risk of scratches, fatigue failure safety is lower than the powder surface. This category stipulates that domestic and foreign standards are not required.Stainless Steel Wire