Requirements For Lubricants For Stainless Steel Link Chain

          A: With excellent permeability to the chain, lubrication rollers and sprocket is relatively easy, but the lubrication chain shaft and sleeve is more difficult. Because the gap between shaft and sleeve is very small, and it belongs to the open environment conditions. If the lubricant is not well penetrated, it can not penetrate the shaft and sleeve of the interior, can not lubricate the shaft and sleeve.Stainless Steel Link Chain

          B: To have excellent adhesion chain in operation, due to the role of high-speed, lubricating oil will be from. At low speed, the lubricant will drip due to gravity. All this will not only pollute the environment and the product, but also cause a lot of waste. Therefore, lubricants need to have good adhesion, can be firmly adhered to the surface of friction, and not because of various effects off.Stainless Steel Link Chain

          C: Lubricating oil with excellent lubrication performance is one of the functions of lubrication, but the chain in operation because of different role, the lubricating oil lubrication performance requirements are higher, especially those heavy load and impact conditions of the chain, on the extreme pressure anti-wear requirements are higher, so the general chain lubricants are very attention to this requirement.

          D: Excellent oxidation stability usually chain drive is working in the exposed environment, so the chain lubricants.Stainless Steel Link Chain

          E: Minimum evaporation loss rate.Stainless Steel Link Chain

          F: Good ability to resist external effects.Stainless Steel Link Chain

          G: Has the characteristic of being polluted.Stainless Steel Link Chain

          H: Minimum carbon deposition tendency.Stainless Steel Link Chain