Stainless Steel Chain Type Classification

Stainless steel chain as a common transmission device, through the hyperbolic arc "chain" design, reduce the friction, used in the relatively large and relatively slow running speed, than the belt drive has obvious advantages, such as Tanks, pneumatic compressors, etc., but the transmission speed can not be too fast, because the chain of flexibility as belt transmission.

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1, the use of quality products 1Cr18Ni9Ti or SS304 stainless steel, with acid, alkali, cold and heat, long life and other characteristics, widely used in food, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, rubber, printing, silk and other machinery, and for a variety of import and export Machinery for supporting, is the excellent equipment of modern equipment.

2, austenitic stainless steel chain series, such as 304 and 316 and 316L and other materials with excellent corrosion resistance, such as acid, alkali and -40 ° ~ 600 ° high and low temperature occasions. In contrast, 316L has better resistance to magnetic, harsh temperature adaptability and chemical resistance.

3, martensitic stainless steel chain series, such as 2Cr13, etc., not only have the appropriate anti-corrosion ability, but also with the same carbon content of carbon steel strength.

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A series of short pitch precision roller chain


B series of short pitch precision roller chain


A series of straight roller chain


B series straight roller chain


Increased series of roller chains


Short pitch conveyor chain accessories


Double pitch drive chain


Double pitch conveyor chain


Double pitch conveyor chain accessories


Tooth chain


Plate chain


Hollow pin chain