Surface Anticorrosion Treatment Of Stainless Steel Wire Rope

     According to the contact state of the adjacent layer steel wire, the wire rope can be divided into three kinds of basic structural forms: point contact wire rope, wire contact wire rope, surface contact wire rope. According to the form of the section, the wire rope can be divided into round strand wire rope and profiled strand wire rope (in which the profiled strand wire rope mainly includes triangular strand wire rope, elliptic strand wire rope and fan-shaped strand wire rope). According to the surface state of steel wire (wire rope), the wire rope can be divided into smooth wire rope, galvanized (zinc-aluminum) wire rope and Coated (bag) plastic wire rope.Stainless Steel Wire Rope

     Point Contact: The adjacent layer of steel wire in the unit is dotted contact form, in addition to the central steel wire, each layer of steel wire diameter is equal, the unit through the layered twist system formation. Line Contact: The adjacent layer of steel wire between the strands of contact form, the strands by the different diameter of the wire one-twist system. Surface Contact: The adjacent layer of steel wire in the unit is a face contact form. Point, line Contact wire Rope: In the adjacent layer of steel wire between the point, line two contact forms. The strands are made of different diameters of wire.Stainless Steel Wire Rope

     Profiled Strand Wire Rope: The special-shaped strand wire rope is named because of its triangular, oval or fan-shaped section. Galvanized Steel Wire Rope: On the surface of steel wire galvanized treatment (or galvanized after drawing), and then in the twist made of wire rope. Steel Wire Rope Anticorrosion: There are two kinds of anti-corrosion measures of coating oil and coating. Stainless Steel Wire Rope

     Varnish: All wire ropes must be oiled. Fiber core immersion oil, requires grease to protect the fiber core does not rot, do not rust steel wire, moisture fiber, and from the internal lubrication wire rope. The surface is oiled so that all the steel wire in the rope strands are evenly coated with a layer of anti-rust grease, among them, the friction lifting and mining of large coal mine rope, to be coated with grinding and water resistance to strong black oil grease; Other uses are coated with a strong film, rust-proof performance of good red oil grease, and require the formation of thin, easy to keep clean during operation.Stainless Steel Wire Rope

    Coating: Galvanized, aluminized, nylon or plastic coating. Galvanized steel Wire After the first plating after the thin coating and galvanized steel wire after the thick coating, thick coating of mechanical properties than the smooth wire rope has been reduced, it should be used in severe corrosive environment. Galvanized steel wire rope than galvanized steel wire rope more corrosion-resistant, wear-resistant, heat-resistant, mainly used in fishing trawlers and $literal-containing mines, and so on, the use of first-plating after extraction process. The steel wire rope with nylon or plastic is divided into two kinds, Shang and coated. The former is used in the static cable, the latter is used for moving the rope.Stainless Steel Wire Rope