Suspension Bridge Technology

Main tower installation of main cable saddles of construction after the completion of construction, main cable saddles of floor under construction embedded at the top of the main tower, Tower after reaching the strength of concrete, Tower installed steel support lifting the main cable saddles, lifting equipment with continuous pushing Jack.

Split saddle qualified respectively to the Tower, painted on each side saddle surface with longitudinal and transverse center bracket requires exactly at the marker location. With clean cotton waste will wipe the bottom surface on the saddle, pad of PTFE sheet.

Lifting system of the hoisting Jack saddle hanging above the top of the tower about 500px, respectively, used car lift system on the translation to saddle and saddle body directly above the floor. Decentralize and hand chain hoist with the aid of the saddle body falls in the upper floor of the design position. Installation requires vertical and lateral deviation was less than 5mm, corner height smaller than 2mm or and meet design requirements.

L main cable saddles-bias

In the reaction force from the top bracket install jacks on both sides, design of main cable saddles of push-to-bias position.

Cable saddles (set) installation

Due to cable unit installation order is from Xia to Shang of order installation, and bulk cable Saddle (sets) is used around two half type of structure, so, in main cable erection Qian, needed in original bulk cable Saddle (sets) location installation a upper and lower two half type temporary bulk cable sets, stay all main cable erection completed Hou, installation temporary reported hoop demolition temporary bulk cable sets, installation official bulk cable Saddle (sets).