The Use Of Stainless Steel Link Chain Of High Quality Performance

First of all, stainless steel chain: part of the material for the stainless steel, such a chain suitable for the food industry and susceptible to chemical, pharmaceutical and other erosion occasions, can also be used for high and low temperature occasions. Followed by nickel-plated chain, galvanized chain, chrome chain: all carbon steel material can be surface treatment of the surface, the parts surface after nickel, galvanized or chrome-plated, suitable for outdoor rain erosion and other occasions, but can not prevent Concentrated chemical liquid corrosion.Stainless Steel Link Chain

Self-lubricating chain: Some parts are made of a sintered metal filled with lubricating oil. This kind of chain has the characteristics of wear resistance, excellent corrosion resistance, no maintenance (maintenance-free) and long service life. Widely used in high stress, wear resistance requirements, and can not often carry out maintenance occasions, such as food industry automated production lines, high-end bike racing, less maintenance of high-precision transmission machinery.Stainless Steel Link Chain

Due to the extensive nature of the chain drive application, it is clear that the routine maintenance and maintenance method is practical. The better the maintenance and maintenance, the less the fault of the chain drive, and the practice shows that it can be used in practice. The maintenance and maintenance principles, you can save costs, extend the practical life, give full play to the chain drive the ability to work.Stainless Steel Link Chain

The loose length of the chain is kept proper. For the adjustable center distance and tilt drive, the chain sag should be maintained at about 1% to 2% of the center distance. For vertical drive or vibration load, reverse drive and dynamic braking, Smaller. Often check and adjust the chain loose edge is the chain drive maintenance work in the important items.Stainless Steel Link Chain