Transmission Base Of Stainless Steel Link Chain

The stainless steel decorative chain consists of chain plate, chain pin, sleeve and other components. Other types of chain only the chain board according to different needs made a different change, some in the chain board on the scraper, some on the chain board bearing guide bearings, and some on the chain board with rollers, etc., these are in order to apply in different applications of the conversion.Stainless Steel Link Chain

Short pitch roller chains for transmission, double pitch roller chains for transmission, transmission sleeve chain, heavy-duty transmission with curved plate roller chain, transmission with tooth-shaped chain, stepless speed chain, long pitch conveyor chain, short pitch roller conveyor chain, double pitch roller conveyor chain, speed conveyor chain, plate chain, etc.Stainless Steel Link Chain 

Stainless steel chain: Parts materials for stainless steel, this kind of chain is suitable in the food industry and susceptible to chemical, pharmaceutical and other erosion occasions use, but also for high and low temperature occasions.

Stainless Steel Link Chain

Self-lubricating chain: Some parts are made of sintered metal filled with lubricating oil, this kind of chain has the advantages of wear-resisting and corrosion-resistant, and does not need maintenance (Maintenance-free), long service life. Widely used in the high force, have wear-resistant requirements, and can not be maintained frequently occasions, such as food industry automation production lines, high-end bicycle racing, less maintenance high-precision transmission machinery. High-strength chain: is a special roller chain, by improving the shape of the chain plate, thickened chain plate, precision punching chain plate hole, the pin shaft heat treatment hardening, can improve the tensile strength $number, and has good impact performance, fatigue performance.Stainless Steel Link Chain

Timing chain: For the transmission between the engine crankshaft and the camshaft. Because the engine piston stroke and exhaust time with the coordination of strict requirements, it is called this use chain. The roller chain and the toothed chain can be used for time regulation chain. The time regulation chain is mainly used in the engine of automobiles, motorcycles and ships (diesel engines or petrol engines). In order to reduce the engine weight, chain and engine installation gap is very small, and some even do not have tensioning device, so the time regulation chain in addition to high-precision requirements, wear-resistant performance requirements are quite high.Stainless Steel Link Chain