Why Do Coated Stainless Steel Wire Rope Has A Yellow Spot

Coated stainless steel wire rope is a very superficial product, mainly for decoration, corrosion-resistant damp-proof special industries, so the surface of plastic bags is always. Many customers simply low prices, bought many of these plastic packages in the market for stainless steel wire rope, originally there was a lot of yellow spots on the surface of the transparent look and black substances. This phenomenon is the manufacturers do not pay attention to product quality, and reduce costs.

Wire rope to do first of all to clean up after, remove the oil surface, or else glue will produce a lot of black spots, many people mistakenly thought it was rusty, but it's not. Coating machine must be cleaned, on imports of products to demanding customers with nylon and PVC plastic packages, product price will be a little higher, but you pay a price for the goods, many customers not cheated.