316 Stainless Steel Wire

316 Stainless Steel Wire
Product Details

Basic Info.


-Material Grade:302, 304, 316, 316L, etc


-Tensile Strength:500Mpa-1000Mpa

-Surface:Bright & fog

-Packing:plywood reel, plastic reel, coils, pallet.

Product Introduction

316 stainless steel wire is a silk product made of stainless steel. It is produced by metal drawing process of pulling a wire rod or a wire blank from a die hole of a drawing die under the action of drawing force to produce a small-section steel wire or a colored metal wire. It has good corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance and high cost performance.


316 stainless steel wire has the following applications:

- Various applications for downstream industries: such as welded mesh, mail, hangers, screws, chain links and stone cage fences, wire mesh, wire mesh and tie wires.

- Used to make cold deformed concrete reinforcement and steel mesh.

- Wires used to make electrode electrodes.

Product Advantages

--316 stainless steel wire can prevent sea salt salinity from having better resistance to chloride corrosion, so it is also used as "ship steel";

-- Can be used in nuclear fuel recovery units;

-- it has corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance;

-- The advantages of anti-aging and other standards make this stainless steel wire suitable for any indoor environment.

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