Galvanized Steel Wire Rope

Galvanized Steel Wire Rope
Product Details

Galvanized steel wire rope

(1)Galvanized Steel Wire Rope usually use following materials:carbon steel; hot-dipped galvanized or electro galvanized;

(2)Construction:7x7, 7x19, 7x37, etc.


(4)Tensile Strength:1570, 1670, 1770, 1870, 1960, 2160Mpa

(5)Core: FC and IWRC


(7)Coating: both galvanized and ungalvanized are available

(8)Packing:plywood reel, coils, pallet, or as per customer's requiremen

(9)Main Application: petroleum drilling, all kinds of drawing or pulling.


The Galvanized steel wire rope or stranded steel wires are suitable for cores of ACSR to improve its tensile strength. And they can also be used in the aerial transmission line as the line material of ground connection to avoid the lightning strike.

Product Advantage

The main advantage of galvanized steel wire is corrosion resistance, the galvanized layer is anodic protection, the phosphating coated steel wire is corrosion resistant and wear resistant, and the manganese phosphating coated steel wire rope can be manufactured. The fatigue life is 3-4 times that of the smooth steel wire rope. 


Performance characteristics

In order to ensure the quality of the wire rope, the appearance of the steel wire galvanized layer should be smooth, complete, average and firm. Hot-dip galvanizing will reduce the mechanical properties of steel wire, and require high-strength and high-corrosion-resistant galvanized steel wire rope, which is mostly made of electro-galvanized steel wire. Hot-dip galvanizing is the formation of a coating by physical thermal diffusion. First, an iron-zinc compound is formed, which is bonded to the outer zinc layer of the iron-zinc compound. There are two methods for galvanizing galvanized steel wire ropes - multi-line continuous hot plating and electroplating.