Hot-dipped Galvanized Steel Wire Rope

Hot-dipped Galvanized Steel Wire Rope
Product Details

Basic Information

Product NameHot-dipped Galvanized Steel Wire Rope
Materialscarbon steel; hot-dipped galvanized or electro galvanized;
Construction7x7, 7x19, 7x37, etc.
Tensile Strength1570, 1670, 1770, 1870, 1960, 2160Mpa
CoreFC and IWRC
Coatingboth galvanized and ungalvanized are available

Product Introduction

Hot-dipped Galvanized Steel Wire Rope is a steel wire rope that exhibits a non-staining, wetted surface by degreasing and derusting steel workpieces, and then immediately immersed in a plating tank that has previously been melted by zinc. Thereby a layer of zinc plating is formed on the surface of the workpiece. The hot-dip galvanized steel wire rope has an ultra-high cost performance. Its steel wire is formed by physical thermal diffusion to form a coating. First, an iron-zinc compound is formed, and a pure zinc layer is formed on the surface of the iron-zinc compound on the surface of the galvanized steel wire, and the corrosion resistance is high. 

Advantages of the Steel Wire Rope

* Hot-dipped Galvanized Steel Wire Rope uses an advanced galvanizing finishing process that not only has good corrosion resistance, but also is aesthetically pleasing. The product has the characteristics of smooth surface, high dimensional accuracy, good uniformity of zinc layer and strong adhesion.

* Because the hot-dip galvanized steel wire has a pre-tension, it has excellent characteristics of low relaxation value and small stress loss. It has good stability after loading, is not easily deformed, does not break, and has strong elasticity.

* Due to the use of international advanced production equipment, high-tech, first-class technology, to ensure the high quality of products. Moreover, due to the convenience of shipping, material saving and cost reduction during construction, the user will obtain considerable crushing benefits.

Product Applications

Hot-dipped Galvanized Steel Wire Rope can be used for:

1)Lifting and Rigging – Steel cable can be made into wire rope slings or cable assemblies and used in conjunction with hoists or winches for lifting, pulling, and hanging applications.

2)Vehicle and Load Securement – Securing military vehicles and aircraft and/or securing and tying down cargo

3)Boats and Maritime – Securing boats in docking situations or hoisting boats in and out of the water

4)Overhead Doors – Used in conjunction with a strong pulley system to open and close garage or overhead doors

5)Perimeter Fencing – Used at construction sites or other locations as perimeter or security fencing