PP PVC PE Nylon Covered Steel Cable

PP PVC PE Nylon Covered Steel Cable
Product Details

Product Introduction

The steel cable is made of PP, PVC, PE, etc., and the outer layer is coated with steel wire rope. PP PVC PE Nylon covered steel cable can be coated with different plastic colors according to customer needs. The surface of the coated steel wire rope looks more beautiful, and the wire rope structure is more stable, achieving a certain cushioning and anti-squeezing effect, and can extend the service life of the wire rope.

Features of the steel cable

1.PP PVC PE Nylon covered steel cable has good wear resistance and heavy gravity, and can resist various external organic corrosion.

2. Because the outer layer is protected by plastic coating, it is more durable and has a longer service life than the ordinary steel wire rope.

3. The balance is good, and there is no noise when installed and used. The material itself contains lubricant and sealing effect.

4. It has a lot of colors to meet the user's personalized home decoration needs, and the feel is also very good, the color can also be made into a transparent color, very beautiful.

Product Application

PP PVC PE Nylon covered steel cable is mainly used in mine lifting cages, meat processing plants to upgrade machinery, sea boat anchors, towing and fishing operations, fishing vessel trawling, etc.


PP PVC PE Nylon covered steel cable has outstanding corrosion resistance, and the corrosion resistance in the atmosphere, mine water and sea water is 3.5 to 5 times that of the general galvanized steel wire rope. Since the wire rope is separated from the wire, the strand and the strand by the coating, it has good wear resistance and fatigue resistance and can be used under dynamic loads such as lifting and transportation.